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From Nat Gross <natgross.rentalsyst...@verizon.net>
Subject Re: Logo
Date Sun, 02 Jan 2005 02:25:55 GMT
Brian Abbott wrote:

>I would say that while I think each of these logos are good on a stand
>alone basis, I'm not sure how they are appropriate for the system. None
>of them really communicate any kind of message that one might look for
>in a database system. 
Although I hear you, I must ask: What type of message does the IBM logo 
I tried to inject an "IBM feel" into the logo, because 1)It should come 
across as a 'real' database, unlike MySql, which took years to achieve 
that status, and 2) to remind people of derby's heritage<g>.
So, although one can communicate specific features in a product via the 
logo, it is more important, imho, to communicate stability, 
professionalism, and reliability.
I am coming from this angle, myself. I chose derby because IBM 
contributed it and are still behind it.
Actually I couldn't decide if to give it more of an IBM feel (eg, the 
same font/style as the IBM letters, or the color blue), but I decided 
that at this point in time its an Apache product, open source, and 
volunteers contributing hours of code,  hence my last incarnation of the 
logo, also has the feather.
Having said all this, I still see your point. I am thinking of a 'happy' 
logo. How about a 'db' or derby in a *bed*. A key derby feature is that 
its emBEDded, so you can have a db in a bed. (Also the word bed has db 
in it.) Just food for thought, but I shall leave this design to anyone 
that likes the idea to produce. (It will definetly attract a certain 
type of clientele<g><g>.)

>I would encourage everyone to take a step back and
>ask themselves, what are or what should be Derby's Core Brand Values.
>>>From that, you should develop a Brand Message. Once that's been
>established, every iteration and idea for a logo should be tested
>against that. Does this image reflect or communicate in anyway our brand
>message, should be the question you ask when you see a logo idea.
>Best of luck,
>Brian Abbott
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>From: Rich Hall [mailto:mail@richhall.com] 
>Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2004 4:32 PM
>To: Derby Discussion
>Subject: Re: Logo
>I like your logo better than my first try at something similar. The 
>"db" has a tendency to look a little, well, inappropriate, the way I 
>was using it (attached GIF), so I dropped it from my original post. In 
>your serif font, the problem is less obvious.

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