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From Geert Bevin <gbe...@uwyn.com>
Subject Re: [ANN] RIFE v0.8.2 released with Derby support
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 18:16:42 GMT
Hi Jean,

thanks for adding us to that page. "Web Application Framework" is the 
best category, since that's RIFE's main aim. I think the major 
difference is that some frameworks are end-to-end and others focus on 
the web part. RIFE is end-to-end, so you can also use each 
sub-framework independently, which blurs the positioning. If you have 
an Object-Relational or Database Abstraction category it would fit in 
well there too, but if only one has to be chosen, "Web Application 
Framework" fits best.

Best regards,


On 06 Jan 2005, at 18:38, Jean T. Anderson wrote:

> Thanks for the post! I'll add a link to it on 
> http://incubator.apache.org/derby/papers/misc.html .
> In the "Products by Type" section on that page I'll also add a "Web 
> Application Framework" section -- and now I get to reveal how little I 
> understand about all these products. I think the products that would 
> belong in a "Web Application Framework" section include Cocoon, 
> Geronimo, JBoss, JOnAS, Red Hat App Server, and Rife. But I'm really 
> fuzzy on any distinctions people might make between web application 
> frameworks and web application servers.
> If somebody were looking for a product that does "X" on Derby, what 
> category would be helpful? And which products would belong to that 
> category?
> thanks,
> -jean

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