I'm trying to run the following SQL script.  The first table is created but not for the second table.  Could anybody see why ?  I could not see it.
==== test.sql ===
connect 'jdbc:derby:rollerdb;create=true';
create table usercookie (
    id              varchar(48)  not null primary key,
    username        varchar(255) not null,
    cookieid        varchar(100) not null,
    datecreated     timestamp    not null
create table website (
    id                varchar(48) not null primary key,
    name              varchar(255) not null,
    description       varchar(255) not null,
    userid            varchar(48) not null,
    defaultpageid     varchar(48) default 0 not null,
    weblogdayid       varchar(48) not null,
    ignorewords       text,
    enablebloggerapi  bit default 0 not null,
    editorpage        varchar(255) null,
    bloggercatid      varchar(48) null,
    defaultcatid      varchar(48) null,
    allowcomments     bit default 1 not null,
    emailcomments     bit default 0 not null,
    emailfromaddress  varchar(255) null,
    editortheme       varchar(255) null,
    locale            varchar(20) null,
    timezone          varchar(50) null,
    defaultplugins    varchar(255) null,
    pinnedtomain      bit default 0 not null,
    isenabled         bit default 1 not null

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