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From myrnap <my...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: Sun 8.0.1 Appserver pooling
Date Mon, 27 Dec 2004 23:55:07 GMT
Nat Gross wrote:

> myrnap wrote:
>> Nat Gross wrote:
>>> Hi;
>>> Although I have no problems connecting to my new Derby, via jdbc, I 
>>> cannot get a 'ping' when setting up a j2ee pool and jndi connector 
>>> in the Sun app server. I followed the instructions on the java.net 
>>> blog,for embedded, the classpath is set, have tried various javax 
>>> connectors, the xa version and non xa version, to no avail.
>>> Your help will be appreciated.
>>> Thanks
>>> -nat
>> Nat,
>> What's the error you see?
>> What's in the server.log?
>> Does a derby.log get created? If so, is it where you expect it to be?
>> Myrna
> Progress.... For some reason the sdk's bin directory wasn't in the 
> PATH. I didn't dream that the gui admin uses the cmdline stuff behind 
> the scenes. Anyhow, now there is a new error when pinging.
> The first exception sais that it couldn't open the database and the 
> next exception has the details why. But the next exception list some 
> gui framework error, for the ping button. Here it is.:
Hm, I like the classnot found problem more - at least then we know it's 
the classpath, somehow. :-)
I would've checked whether derby.jar was in the lib, or lib/ext dir...

The 'Failed to start database ...' error can be caused by a number of 
situations...Unfortunately, I think the app server gobbles up the nested 
(i.e. 'next') exception...
Perhaps someone else knows more about the framework error...

The situation I'm thinking you might be hitting is somehow 2 
jvms/processes trying to get hold of the same database.

In that case, you would see a derby.log that looks completely fine and 
healthy (because of the first jvm starting the database), but still get 
this error. And of course, you'd see an extra (java or javaw) process 
after the ping.

To see more, I suggest you add the following derby.properties file to 
the derby.system.home dir (practically speaking, that would be where 
derby.log gets created.):

If it is the multiple jvm situation, then you will see a neat starting 
message in derby.log & still get this error. If it's something else, 
then possibly the database does not get opened at all, and your 
derby.log would be an empty file even after infolog.append is picked up 
from derby.properties.

Now, why there would be 2 jvms trying to start the database - I don't 
know...Does the ping start a second process/jvm?

Another area to look at is the policy files. This is really a wild 
guess....But make sure the following permissions are set for the derby 
grant codeBase "file://<your domain/lib dir>/derby.jar" {
permission java.lang.RuntimePermission "createClassLoader";
permission java.util.PropertyPermission "derby.*", "read";
permission java.io.FilePermission "${derby.system.home}${/} -", 

I hope this helps any....


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