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From siss...@insession.com
Subject Documentation questions for admin manual
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 06:56:04 GMT
Questions regarding the section "Differences between running Derby in 
embedded mode and using the Network Server":


**Q1** In the section "User authentication" it says "The user's name 
specified upon connection is the default schema for the connection, if a 
schema with that name exists. See the "User Names and Schemas" section in 
the Derby Developer's Guide."

What happens if a schema matching the user's name does not exist?  Do I 
have to manually create a schema for each defined user?

E.G. I am have defined a user called wkpoint using the BUILTIN 
authentication provider in derby.properties


And I am seeing the following error returned from some of my SQL scripts.

ERROR 42Y07: Schema 'WKPOINT' does not exist

**Q2** Is the documentation for the section "Encrypted UserID and 
Password" out of date?  Do you need the IBM JCE if you are running the Sun 
JRE 1.4?

**Q3** Typo 'Dun JDK'.  Do you want an issue raised?



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