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From Steven Buschman <sbu...@buschman.org>
Subject Re: res.updateXXX
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2004 01:04:31 GMT

Thanks for the update on "update". In the short term, should I just 
delete the record, then do an insert? It's no biggie (but watch out for 
those cascading deletes ...)


Mamta Satoor wrote:

>Hi Steve,
>Let me jump in and answer the res.updateXXX issue since I am working on
>providing support for that in Derby. Derby at this point in time doesn't
>support updatable resultsets and that is why you get the exception.
>I have send in a patch for support of delete using updatable resulset APIs
>and am working on the support of update using updatable resultset APIs.
>You can find some other threads on this same issue on the list.
>Steven Buschman wrote:
>>First let me apologize in advance if I'm not following protocol - this
>>is the first time I've accessed an Apache project, so newbie I am.
>>I downloaded the compiled 56458 release successfully. My intention was
>>to port a MySQL client application to Derby, primarily because of the
>>near zero admin issues with Derby. After a bit of grief (there are quite
>>a few differences), I'm down to just one problem that I can't figure out
>>worked w/MySQL 4.1 and fails with Derby:
>>Statement  state =
>>ResultSet  res     = state.executeQuery("select * from xxx where ...");
>>if (!res.next())
>>   throw new Exception(...); // I'm sure the select will succeed!
>>res.updateString(...); // SQLException occurs !!!! SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!!!
>>On a separate note - a few issues that I observed:
>>1. Using ij, INSERT into table values (..), (...), (...) generates a
>>stack overflow if there are too many inserts. I wanted to import 12,000
>>rows in Derby and it failed after a dozen rows or so. I was stuck doing
>>12,000 separate inserts, which took close to 2 minutes on a very fast
>>machine (10K WD drive with 1 GB ram and AMD 64 939).
>>2. After doing a "select * from table" with 6000 rows and 47 columns, it
>>took 10 seconds to load the table if I used res.getXXX("text") but only
>>1.5 seconds if I used res.getXXX(integer value).
>>My problem is that Derby won't let me assign a value to var even if it's
>>unique. The problem here is that if you're importing data from elsewhere
>>and "var" is being used as a foreign key in another table, then it's a
>>major pain to make sure everything is in sync.
>>All in all Derby is fantastic - never have I been able to download and
>>port (99%) in just 1 day. I see tremendous opportunities for it for
>>small scale applications.
>>Steve Buschman
>>22 Blackburnian Rd.
>>Lincoln, MA  01773

Steve Buschman
22 Blackburnian Rd.
Lincoln, MA  01773

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