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From Mamta Satoor <ma...@Remulak.Net>
Subject Re: res.updateXXX
Date Mon, 29 Nov 2004 23:16:32 GMT
Hi Steve,

Let me jump in and answer the res.updateXXX issue since I am working on
providing support for that in Derby. Derby at this point in time doesn't
support updatable resultsets and that is why you get the exception.

I have send in a patch for support of delete using updatable resulset APIs
and am working on the support of update using updatable resultset APIs.

You can find some other threads on this same issue on the list.


Steven Buschman wrote:

> Hello,
> First let me apologize in advance if I'm not following protocol - this
> is the first time I've accessed an Apache project, so newbie I am.
> I downloaded the compiled 56458 release successfully. My intention was
> to port a MySQL client application to Derby, primarily because of the
> near zero admin issues with Derby. After a bit of grief (there are quite
> a few differences), I'm down to just one problem that I can't figure out
> worked w/MySQL 4.1 and fails with Derby:
> Statement  state =
> connection.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE,
> ResultSet  res     = state.executeQuery("select * from xxx where ...");
> if (!res.next())
>    throw new Exception(...); // I'm sure the select will succeed!
> res.updateString(...); // SQLException occurs !!!! SHOULD NOT HAPPEN!!!
> res.updateInt(...);
> res.updateRow();
> res.close();
> state.close();
> On a separate note - a few issues that I observed:
> 1. Using ij, INSERT into table values (..), (...), (...) generates a
> stack overflow if there are too many inserts. I wanted to import 12,000
> rows in Derby and it failed after a dozen rows or so. I was stuck doing
> 12,000 separate inserts, which took close to 2 minutes on a very fast
> machine (10K WD drive with 1 GB ram and AMD 64 939).
> 2. After doing a "select * from table" with 6000 rows and 47 columns, it
> took 10 seconds to load the table if I used res.getXXX("text") but only
> 1.5 seconds if I used res.getXXX(integer value).
> My problem is that Derby won't let me assign a value to var even if it's
> unique. The problem here is that if you're importing data from elsewhere
> and "var" is being used as a foreign key in another table, then it's a
> major pain to make sure everything is in sync.
> All in all Derby is fantastic - never have I been able to download and
> port (99%) in just 1 day. I see tremendous opportunities for it for
> small scale applications.
> Thanks.
> --
> Steve Buschman
> 22 Blackburnian Rd.
> Lincoln, MA  01773
> 781-259-0295

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