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From Emmanuel Cecchet <Emmanuel.Cecc...@inrialpes.fr>
Subject Clustered Derby with xpetstore (Derby contest submission)
Date Tue, 16 Nov 2004 20:00:00 GMT
Hi all,

Here is a short description of my submission:
- I first ported the servlet version of xPetstore 
(http://xpetstore.sourceforge.net/) based on Velocity 
<http://jakarta.apache.org/velocity>, WebWork 
<http://www.opensymphony.com/webwork>, Sitemesh 
<http://www.opensymphony.com/sitemesh>, POJO and Hibernate 
<http://hibernate.sourceforge.net> to run with Tomcat 5 and Derby. This 
uses the Network server and the DB2 universal driver to access Derby 
remotely and a generic Hibernate mapper.
- Now to make this more reliable, I started 3 separate instances of 
Derby with the C-JDBC (http://c-jdbc.objectweb.org) clustering software. 
There was a couple of modifications made to C-JDBC to workaround the 
reserved keywords and Derby data types but now we have xPetstore on 
Tomcat accessing a cluster of Derby databases (fully mirrored) plus one 
database for the recovery log allowing for adding new Derby backends on 
the fly.

The good news is that Derby clustering is already operational and we 
even have a demo for it !!! Now here is the answer to the contest rules:

      Contest Rules

    * Must use Derby's functionality and capability
      <>I use Derby with Network server and full JDBC functionalities
      (fetching schemas, transactions, ...). It's a real great engine
      with very nice compliant JDBC features.

    * Must integrate Derby with one or more other Apache projects

Apache projects used are Velocity and Tomcat mainly. The Geronimo 
version should also work soon but there are still some problems with 
xpetstore and Geronimo (the Geronimo team is working on it !).
Also C-JDBC is from ObjectWeb but the Apache-ObjectWeb relationship is 
so friendly that it can almost be considered as an Apache project ;-)

    * Innovative solution

To the best of my knowledge, it's the first experience of Derby 
clustering and it's probably the first integration with Hibernate !

    * Result can be a tool, mini-applicatoin, or any other demonstration
      of Derby integration

It's a demo of Derby integration including a mini demo application 
resulting in a great tool for Derby clustering !! ;-)

See you tonight for a cool demo of all this,

Emmanuel Cecchet

INRIA Research Scientist   | Chief Architect
SARDES Project             | ObjectWeb Consortium
http://sardes.inrialpes.fr | http://www.objectweb.org

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