what is more, then i write code with database spatial query for running in any machine, at this moment i can only do it in machines with postgis installed.
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From: Jianhui Jin
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it is great, i mentioned this to Geotools Guys, they said they are interested database with spatial.
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From: Martin Davis [mailto:mbdavis@VividSolutions.com]
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Subject: Spatial extensions for Derby?

I'm wondering if there is any interest in having/developing spatial extensions for Derby?  I can see value in having Derby available as an embedded database for working with large spatial datasets.
I expect that adding spatial to Derby would involve:
- defining spatial types
- implementing a spatial index (probably an R-tree)
- adding spatial query and manipulation functions
As the developer of the JTS Topology Suite API, I would be happy to offer this package as a component of a spatial implementation in Derby.  Feel free to contact me if this is of interest.
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