Jeff Ramsdale wrote:
4) Finally, I believe I saw a reference somewhere
indicating beta code existed to allow Derby (or
Cloudscape?) to run in-memory only. What's the status
of that code and if it's available how would one make
use of it?


I work for IBM and I am listed on the to-do list of the Apache/Derby website as being the contact for in-memory database.

I wrote some code to allow Derby to run in-memory. However, it is not beta code. It is a prototype written to test the interface and to show that the interface could be used to write an in-memory database.

The prototype code implements entirely non-persistent dabases. The data goes away when the JVM ends, the code does not automatically save the data to a file at termination nor does it automatically read data from a file when the database starts up. An application can use the normal backup/restore facilities to save and restore to and from a file.

I have been told that I can contribute the code to the community, though the mechanics of doing so and where it should go remain to be worked out. Is there some interest in the code?