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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Jenkins instance builds.a.o being shut down 22nd August.
Date Fri, 21 Aug 2020 22:40:30 GMT
Hey Bryan,

That sounds like a good alternative. I will give some thought to which 
jobs I think are useful.  Removing the alpha docs can wait to see if a 
volunteer steps up.


On 8/21/20 1:58 PM, Bryan Pendleton wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> I was on holiday and not paying attention, I guess this took me by surprise.
> I agree it's not the highest priority.
> However, I also think that the Jenkins jobs are valuable.
> I wonder if:
> 1) We should open a JIRA to look into this -- perhaps we'll get a volunteer
> from the community to do this?
> 2) A first step might be to try to identify which of our current Jenkins
> jobs are deemed most valuable, and which we don't think are all that
> important.
> bryan
> On Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 8:06 AM Rick Hillegas <rick.hillegas@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> It looks like our Jenkins jobs are going to be shut down. The attached
>> email links to instructions for how to migrate from Jenkins to Cloudbees.
>> Infra thinks that it is a trivial exercise--and it may be for someone well
>> versed in both continuous integration agents.
>> I don't feel inclined to do this migration, myself. If no-one volunteers
>> to do this migration, then I volunteer to remove the Alpha Docs section
>> from our Documentation page; after the migration, the alpha doc links will
>> point no where.
>> Can anyone think of other changes we need to make after Jenkins is turned
>> off?
>> Thanks,
>> -Rick
>> -------- Forwarded Message --------
>> Subject: Jenkins instance builds.a.o being shut down 22nd August.
>> Date: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 14:23:52 +0200
>> From: Gavin McDonald <gmcdonald-infra@apache.org>
>> <gmcdonald-infra@apache.org>
>> Reply-To: private@db.apache.org, users@infra.apache.org
>> To: Apache Infrastructure <users@infra.apache.org>
>> <users@infra.apache.org>
>> Hi All PMCs,
>> As per the many notifications on the builds@a.o mailing list over the last
>> few weeks; and the big yellow banner notification on builds.a.o instance
>> itself, Jenkins is due to be turned off.
>> The original date for turning off the service was 15th August - *Today!* -
>> However some projects are yet to make the migration to the new server(s)
>> (either ci-builds.a.o for the majority or ci-hadoop.a.o for Hadoop and
>> related projects.)
>> The deadline has - for one time only - been extended to *22nd August* - so
>> you have 1 more week only to move your jobs.
>> After that, builds.a.o WILL be turned off for good and the DNS will
>> redirect to ci-builds.a.o.
>> Today I will be moving over most of the remaining agents to the new
>> masters, leaving just a minimal few for those that still need to migrate.
>> Job config xml files will be saved. However you can always grab them
>> yourselves at any time.
>> See the handy script [1] that can help you migrate all jobs at once - take
>> only 5 minutes! - After which tweaks may need to be done, or in most cases
>> not.
>> [1] -
>> https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/INFRA/Migrating+Jenkins+jobs+from+Jenkins+to+Cloudbees
>> Please feel free to forward this message to your dev communities. Replies
>> should go to users@infra.a.o or new questions should go to builds@a.o

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