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From Bryan Pendleton <bpendleton.de...@gmail.com>
Subject ant javadoc on trunk gives "module not found" errors?
Date Wed, 16 May 2018 02:04:43 GMT
Hi Rick,

When I try 'ant javadoc' on trunk, I get a number of
'module not found' errors. This seems to be, roughly,
the same errors that I see in some of the recent
Jenkins runs.

Do you see these errors? (Pasted below)



  [javadoc] 12 errors
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:34:
error: module not found: org.apache.derby.commons
  [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.commons;
  [javadoc]                              ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:35:
error: module not found: org.apache.derby.engine
  [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.engine;
  [javadoc]                              ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:36:
error: module not found: org.apache.derby.server
  [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.server;
  [javadoc]                              ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:37:
error: module not found: org.apache.derby.client
  [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.client;
  [javadoc]                              ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:38:
error: module not found: org.apache.derby.tools
  [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.tools;
  [javadoc]                              ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:39:
error: module not found: org.apache.derby.optionaltools
  [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.optionaltools;
  [javadoc]                              ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:40:
error: module not found: org.apache.derby.runner
  [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.runner;
  [javadoc]                              ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:42:
error: module not found: junit
  [javadoc]     requires junit;
  [javadoc]              ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:50:
error: module not found: json.simple
  [javadoc]     requires static json.simple;
  [javadoc]                         ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:51:
error: module not found: lucene.analyzers.common
  [javadoc]     requires static lucene.analyzers.common;
  [javadoc]                                     ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:52:
error: module not found: lucene.core
  [javadoc]     requires static lucene.core;
  [javadoc]                           ^
  [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:53:
error: module not found: lucene.queryparser
  [javadoc]     requires static lucene.queryparser;
  [javadoc]                           ^

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