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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: ant javadoc on trunk gives "module not found" errors?
Date Mon, 28 May 2018 21:12:54 GMT
Hey Bryan,

It's been a few weeks since I've reported any status on this issue. I 
have been struggling with running javadoc on the Derby codeline now that 
I have added module descriptors. The javadoc documentation gives only 
maddeningly terse descriptions of the module-related options. Googling 
around does not help much either--I get the impression that I may have 
wandered onto the bleeding edge.

I tried to generate javadoc for a simple, two class project which has 
module descriptors. Even on that simple scenario, I could not produce 
reasonable javadoc or even stable results. I logged a javadoc bug 
yesterday. Since there was no way to provide the tarball of sources for 
that bug, the bug was immediately closed for lack of information 
Fortunately, I have gotten the attention of an engineer in the Java 
group who seems to be interested in seeing the source code for my 
simple, two class project. In case you're interested, I have attached 
that tarball to this message.

I hope to push this problem forward eventually.

Thanks for your patience,

On 5/15/18 10:17 PM, Bryan Pendleton wrote:
> No worries, it's not a problem for me or anything.
> I was just poking at the Jenkins runs to see if I could
> learn anything more about the internationalized tests
> that failed.
> And instead this javadoc thing popped out instead,
> so I passed it along.
> :)
> bryan
> On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 7:16 PM, Rick Hillegas <rick.hillegas@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hey Bryan,
>> I am sure that those errors turn up on my machine too.  I was planning to
>> address the javadoc after I finished the code/test part of the
>> modularization. But I'll take a look this weekend.
>> -Rick
>> On 5/15/18 7:04 PM, Bryan Pendleton wrote:
>>> Hi Rick,
>>> When I try 'ant javadoc' on trunk, I get a number of
>>> 'module not found' errors. This seems to be, roughly,
>>> the same errors that I see in some of the recent
>>> Jenkins runs.
>>> Do you see these errors? (Pasted below)
>>> thanks,
>>> bryan
>>>     [javadoc] 12 errors
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:34:
>>> error: module not found: org.apache.derby.commons
>>>     [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.commons;
>>>     [javadoc]                              ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:35:
>>> error: module not found: org.apache.derby.engine
>>>     [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.engine;
>>>     [javadoc]                              ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:36:
>>> error: module not found: org.apache.derby.server
>>>     [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.server;
>>>     [javadoc]                              ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:37:
>>> error: module not found: org.apache.derby.client
>>>     [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.client;
>>>     [javadoc]                              ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:38:
>>> error: module not found: org.apache.derby.tools
>>>     [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.tools;
>>>     [javadoc]                              ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:39:
>>> error: module not found: org.apache.derby.optionaltools
>>>     [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.optionaltools;
>>>     [javadoc]                              ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:40:
>>> error: module not found: org.apache.derby.runner
>>>     [javadoc]     requires org.apache.derby.runner;
>>>     [javadoc]                              ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:42:
>>> error: module not found: junit
>>>     [javadoc]     requires junit;
>>>     [javadoc]              ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:50:
>>> error: module not found: json.simple
>>>     [javadoc]     requires static json.simple;
>>>     [javadoc]                         ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:51:
>>> error: module not found: lucene.analyzers.common
>>>     [javadoc]     requires static lucene.analyzers.common;
>>>     [javadoc]                                     ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:52:
>>> error: module not found: lucene.core
>>>     [javadoc]     requires static lucene.core;
>>>     [javadoc]                           ^
>>>     [javadoc] C:\Users\Bryan\derby\trunk\java\testing\module-info.java:53:
>>> error: module not found: lucene.queryparser
>>>     [javadoc]     requires static lucene.queryparser;
>>>     [javadoc]                           ^

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