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From Abhinav Gupta <abhinavgupta2...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [jira] [Updated] (DERBY-6783) WHEN clause in CREATE TRIGGER for UPDATE is not working for the sql script below
Date Fri, 26 Jun 2015 22:21:45 GMT
Hi Bryan,

The changes you suggested fixes the Derby5578 test. I've changed the return
type of examineTriggerNode to int[] and I've run quite a few test suites
without encountering any bugs.

The problem that I was facing while running the tests suites was because of
the "junit-html" in the command for executing tests suites, it was causing
the tests to fail, so I couldn't find a solution to fix this and I ran the
tests without it.

Is there anything else that needs to be done before this patch is accepted ?

On Wed, Jun 24, 2015 at 10:38 AM, Bryan Pendleton <
bpendleton.derby@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Abhinav,
> I played around with TriggerTest.testDerby5578InvalidateAllStatementsProc()
> for a while.
> It seems like this test forces us through a slightly different code path
> with respect to how we call DataDictionaryImpl.getTriggerActionString().
> The trigger we are working with in that test case is:
>         s.executeUpdate("create trigger atdc_16_trigger_1 "+
>                 "after update of b1 on atdc_16_tab1 " +
>                 "REFERENCING NEW AS newt "+
>                 "for each row "+
>                 "update atdc_16_tab2 set c2 = newt.c1");
> and the table we are working with is:
>         s.executeUpdate("create table atdc_16_tab1 (a1 integer, b1
> integer, c1 integer)");
> As we can see, this trigger references "b1" ("after update of b1") and
> "c1" ("c2 = newt.c1"), but does not reference column "a1" at all.
> We seem to call getTriggerActionString multiple times when running the
> test.
> The first time we call it, we have a column set that specifies that we
> will be
> using columns 2 and 3, which is correct because our trigger references
> columns b1 and c1, and we end up building the action string:
>     update atdc_16_tab2 set c2 = CAST
> (org.apache.derby.iapi.db.Factory::getTriggerExecutionContext().getNewRow().getObject(2)
> A
> which correctly references "c1" as column 2 in the new row.
> But the SECOND time we call getTriggerActionString, the 'cols' value is
> null,
> so we go into the "else" clause in getTriggerActionString() and that code
> thinks we will be retrieving the entire table as the new row, and so we
> end up building the action string:
>     update "APP"."ATDC_16_TAB2" set c2 = CAST
> (org.apache.derby.iapi.db.Factory::getTriggerExecutionContext().getNewRow().getObj
> ect(3) AS INTEGER)
> which is incorrect as now we are referencing column "c1" as the third
> column, but we are only retrieving columns b1 and c1 from the table,
> not column a1, so c1 is really the second column.
> I think that the problem is that when we call getTriggerActionString
> at runtime, with cols = null, we need to instead use our
> examineTriggerNodeAndCols() method to figure out the correct set of
> columns,
> instead of assuming that all the columns will be retrieved.
> I think the code that does this is in TriggerDescriptor.getSPS, at around
> line 407 of TriggerDescriptor.java.
> Perhaps you could experiment with trying to have that code call
> examineTriggerNodeAndCols before it calls getTriggerActionString,
> and see if that gives us the right column set and affects the
> behavior of TriggerTest.testDerby5578InvalidateAllStatementsProc()
> thanks,
> bryan

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