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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: volunteering to manage release 10.11.1
Date Tue, 27 May 2014 13:34:44 GMT
On 5/23/14 12:15 PM, Rick Hillegas wrote:
> On 5/23/14 9:43 AM, mike matrigali wrote:
>> This scheduling seems pretty aggressive, especially if you expect much
>> progress on outstanding bugs.  Also July (and august if we slip) are 
>> likely times when people are on vacation.
>> Could you post a list or a query earlier than 6/9 with list of all 
>> changes going into 10.11 that are not in 10.10?  Just the JIRA numbers
>> are fine, not looking for release note quality.  Want something to
>> give idea about compatibility risk of this release.
> Sure. I'll send this out next week.
Here are the issues which are marked as fixed in 10.11.1 but not in

[DERBY-6577] Quantified comparison returns wrong result in CASE, 
[DERBY-6575] LangScript.floattypes gets REAL instead of expected DOUBLE
[DERBY-6574] Add privileges checking to SET CONSTRAINTS
[DERBY-6571] Document deferrable constraints
[DERBY-6567] Incorrect nullability for CASE expression with parameter
[DERBY-6566] Simplify handling of untyped nulls in CASE and NULLIF 
[DERBY-6564] Document the experimental, optional LuceneSupport tool.
[DERBY-6563] NOT elimination for CASE expressions is broken
[DERBY-6562] Failed to delete directory in 
[DERBY-6561] Organization topics of some manuals need updating
[DERBY-6560] Reference manual says ELSE clause is required in CASE 
[DERBY-6559] A immediate Fk constraint blows up iff its referenced PK is 
deferred and we delete a duplicate
[DERBY-6554] Too much contention followed by assert failure when 
accessing sequence in transaction that created it
[DERBY-6553] Sequence generator makes CREATE TRIGGER fail with internal 
[DERBY-6547] testDERBY5120NumRowsInSydependsForTrigger fails when the 
starting version of the upgrade trajectory is
[DERBY-6546] Database can't be dropped on Windows using the decoration 
of LuceneSupportPermsTest
[DERBY-6545] Should not be able to add a default to an identity column
[DERBY-6543] Syntax error when reference to transition variable has 
whitespace around it
[DERBY-6540] Schema-qualified table names could be mistaken for 
transition tables
[DERBY-6537] StringUtil.fromHexString is used to convert encryptionKey 
to byte[]
[DERBY-6535] Remove storageFactory field from subclasses of InputStreamFile
[DERBY-6534] Remove StorageFile.getURL() and its implementations
[DERBY-6532] sysinfo does not show derbyTesting package info if 
junit.jar not in classpath
[DERBY-6529] nightly regression test failure in newly added junit test 
[DERBY-6527] Fix errors in foreign keys documentation
[DERBY-6526] Document the MERGE statement
[DERBY-6523] Convert lang/triggerBeforeTrig.sql to JUnit 
[DERBY-6521] Improve error handling when restricting file permissions
[DERBY-6520] Convert lang/triggerGeneral.sql to JUnit TriggerGeneralTest
[DERBY-6519] Convert lang/joinDeadlock.sql to JUnit JoinDeadlockTest
[DERBY-6518] JVMInfo should not use parseFloat() to parse 
[DERBY-6517] Convert lang/consistencyChecker.sql to JUnit 
[DERBY-6516] Convert lang/nestedCommit.sql to JUnit NestedCommitTest
[DERBY-6515] ij doesn't list its command NoHoldForConnection in the help 
[DERBY-6514] Convert lang/aggbuiltin.sql to JUnit AggBuiltinTest
[DERBY-6509] Convert lang/currentSchema.sql to JUnit CurrentSchemaTest
[DERBY-6508] Convert lang/LOBDB2compatibility.sql to JUnit 
[DERBY-6507] Convert lang/fk_nonSPS.sql to JUnit ForeignKeysNonSpsTest
[DERBY-6505] Clean up dead code in FileUtil
[DERBY-6503] Starting network server on a network drive fails with JDK 7 
on Windows
[DERBY-6502] Failure in OnlineCompressTest
[DERBY-6501] change 10.10 version of CastingTest.java to build/run under 
[DERBY-6495] Error in SelectivityTest.testBasic
[DERBY-6493] Improve reporting of exceptions wrapped in 
[DERBY-6488] Get rid of the EmbedSQLException class
[DERBY-6485] Failure in SimpleApp test
[DERBY-6484] Include SQLState in client exception messages
[DERBY-6480] Oracle Java documentation URLs need updating
[DERBY-6478] Fix language about supported DataSources for Compact Profiles
[DERBY-6469] Change the documentation to reflect new RDBNAM limit of 
1024 bytes
[DERBY-6467] Document context-aware table functions.
[DERBY-6465] Add JDK 9 to the list of JVMs which can be used to build 
and test Derby
[DERBY-6462] Provide more information about database name and path syntax
[DERBY-6459] Remove Class.forName calls that load JDBC driver from Derby 
[DERBY-6458] The Reference Manual should state that the year, month, and 
day components of a timestamp must be positive integer&
[DERBY-6454] DROP TABLE documentation could clarify how triggers are 
[DERBY-6453] Remove dead code in InsertResultSet and flag 
[DERBY-6447] Use StrictMath for more functions in SYSFUN
[DERBY-6446] Test ordering problem in GrantRevokeDDLTest
[DERBY-6441] Non-deterministic query results in GrantRevokeDDLTest
[DERBY-6437] ConstraintCharachteristicsTest testLockingWithRollback or 
testLockingWithCommit failing on trunk with AssertionFai&
[DERBY-6434] Incorrect privileges may be required for INSERT and DELETE 
[DERBY-6432] INSERT/UPDATE incorrectly require user to have privilege to 
execute CHECK constraints on the target table.
[DERBY-6431] Update Developer's Guide topic to include generated columns
[DERBY-6429] Privilege checks for UPDATE statements are wrong.
[DERBY-6424] Document thenExpression
[DERBY-6423] The expression syntax in CASE's THEN clause doesn't accept 
boolean value expression
[DERBY-6421] Cast to UDT in CHECK constraint causes NPE or assert failure
[DERBY-6420] Clarify how DROP statements work on trigger dependencies
[DERBY-6419] Make BTree scan honor  OPENMODE_LOCK_NOWAIT for row locks.
[DERBY-6410] ClassCastException when launching derby from windows subst 
[DERBY-6407] Add a way to set, rollback, and release save points using 
IJ (derbytools).
[DERBY-6390] Document the WHEN clause in the CREATE TRIGGER statement
[DERBY-6386] Errors in jdbc4.LobStreamTest if derbyclient.jar is first 
in the classpath

Hope this helps,
>> /mikem
>> On 5/23/2014 6:54 AM, Rick Hillegas wrote:
>>> I am volunteering to manage our next feature release, 10.11.1, as
>>> described here:
>>> https://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/DerbyTenElevenOneRelease. As you can
>>> see, I am hoping we can hit the following targets:
>>> 2014-06-09 - Release notes circulated
>>> 2014-06-16 - First release candidate published
>>> 2014-07-11 - GA
>>> The following issues with Blocker urgency appear in the list of issues
>>> which block the release
>>> (https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?mode=hide&requestId=12315324):

>>> DERBY-6583 - Security Guide must be added to Derby documentation page
>>> DERBY-6580 - Document the new SYSCS_UTIL.SYSCS_PEEK_AT_IDENTITY 
>>> function
>>> DERBY-6552 - The public api includes methods inherited from 
>>> superclasses
>>> which aren't in the public api and so have no javadoc comments
>>> DERBY-6547 - testDERBY5120NumRowsInSydependsForTrigger fails when the
>>> starting version of the upgrade trajectory is
>>> Please us know if you need more time to wrap up your 10.11 work or if
>>> you think that additional issues should block the release.
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Rick

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