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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: query from a researcher.
Date Tue, 04 Feb 2014 21:18:53 GMT
Hi Prem,

Some responses inline...

On 2/4/14 10:32 AM, Prem Devanbu wrote:
> Dear Derby Developers.
> First, if this query is mis-directed, please accept our humble 
> apologies. In this case, I deeply appreciate if I could be told where 
> to send this question.
> In the interest of reducing your traffic, I respectfully suggest that 
> replies be sent to "instructor.devanbu@gmail.com 
> <mailto:instructor.devanbu@gmail.com>"
> We are a group of researchers at UC Davis who have been studying the 
> comparative benefits of static analysis tools (i.e.,, FindBugs, PMD, 
> JLint) and statistical defect prediction in helping find post-release 
> defects. We are doing this for 5 projects that have very good defect 
> data reporting: derby, lucene, wicket, OpenJPA and QPid.
> In this context we would very much like to know if/how static analysis 
> tools are being used by committers in this project.
> a) Do you use Findbugs, or Jlint, or PMD? (If NO, just skip the rest 
> of the questions)
The Oracle developers who contribute to Derby routinely run Findbugs. I 
don't know whether other contributors are running static analysis tools.
> b) Are these tools routinely run as part of the project build/commit 
> scripts (viz., somehow warnings are looked at by developers as part of 
> the routine building/commiting process)? Which ones?
It appears to me that Oracle runs Findbugs every day on which changes 
are made to the codeline.
> c) Are there individual developers that use FindBugs/Jlint/PMD 
> Routinely? Who are you? Which tools?
See above.

Hope this helps,
> d) Are there developers who use these tools sporadically? Which ones?
> e) Is any  developer using statistical defect prediction?
> Prem Devanbu,
> Professor, Computer Science,
> UC Davis.

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