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From Kim Haase <camilla.ha...@oracle.com>
Subject Resolved doc issues
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2013 22:12:34 GMT
There are a bunch of doc issues, filed by other team members, that are 
resolved but not closed. I usually wait a while for the filer to close 
them, but can do it myself if you all don't mind. These go back as far 
as May, I think. (The order is by date of resolution, roughly.) Feel 
free to close them, or I will get around to it in due course. Thanks 
very much!

DERBY-6103 (Dag)
DERBY-6160 (Kathey)
DERBY-6298 (Dag)
DERBY-4628 (Rick)
DERBY-4627 (Rick)
DERBY-6316 (Knut Anders)
DERBY-4629 (Rick)
DERBY-6165 (Rick)
DERBY-6127 (Rick)
DERBY-6123 (Kathey)
DERBY-6367 (Rick)
DERBY-6121 (Rick)
DERBY-6375 (Knut)
DERBY-6355 (Kathey)
DERBY-6120 (Rick)
DERBY-6116 (Rick)
DERBY-6239 (Knut Anders)
DERBY-6388 (Rick)
DERBY-6389 (Knut Anders) (sorry, I accidentally closed this just now)
DERBY-6390 (Knut Anders)


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