Den 30. apr. 2013 16:48 skrev "Rick Hillegas" <rick.hillegas@oracle.com> følgende:
Please vote on the following proposed policy for supported platforms. The polls close at 5:00 pm San Francisco time on Friday May 3.

A) The 10.11 release will support Java 8, 7, and 6. The development trunk will no longer support Java 5 and CDC.

B) We expect that maintenance releases on a branch will continue to support the same Java versions as the initial feature release cut from that branch. We will document this on the wiki.

C) Developers will need to keep in mind the porting implications of using modern JVM features in code which may need to be reworked to run on older JVMs. Some explanation will be helpful when exploiting a modern language feature for the first time.

Adopting this policy would result in the following changes to the 10.11 trunk:

I) Removing build support for Java 5 and CDC.

II) Purging user doc references to Java 5, CDC, and the JDBC 4 DataSources.

III) Removing the JDBC 4 version of the public api from the published javadoc. The recently introduced CP2 DataSources would need to migrate to the JDBC 3 version of the published javadoc. The JDBC 4 versions of the DataSources would still exist, but they would be vacuous extensions of their JDBC 3 counterparts.

D) We do not anticipate that this policy will require any changes to user code.

Further discussion of this proposal can be found on the following email thread: http://apache-database.10148.n7.nabble.com/Dropping-some-old-platforms-in-10-11-td129559.html