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From Katherine Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Mechanism for omitted release notes
Date Mon, 15 Apr 2013 21:58:20 GMT
For existing users looking to upgrade from any version, I encourage them 
to review all the intervening release notes for a list of changes that 
might affect their application.  Some users do this quite diligently and 
I would like to find a way to add on release notes which should have 
been added earlier once discovered.  An example of this is the type 
change  of the CARDINALITY and PAGES columns of getIndexInfo() changed 
in DERBY-6000  and the new security manager permissions required by 

My hope would be that these release notes could be added to the 10.10.2 
release notes when that release comes out.  My thought is to just add a 
Jira Task with title "Add omitted 10.x.x release note: <Description>" e.g.
Add omitted 10.10.1 release note: getIndexInfo() columns CARDINALITY AND 
PAGES type change to BIGINT with DERBY-6000

And then just  attach the release note to that issue and resolve for 
10.10.2 so it gets picked up.
Does this sound like a good solution?


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