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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: Testing formatting fix on the release page
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2013 17:55:15 GMT
On Firefox 5.0.1 on my mac the treatment of the DERBY-XXXX issue id 
column is the same for both the and pages: no wrapping 
is done, the issue id appears on one line.

On Safari 6.0.1 the issue id is split into 2 lines for 
However, the issue id appears on one line for The 
page looks better than the page, imho.


On 1/16/13 6:02 AM, Kristian Waagan wrote:
> Hello,
> FYI, I'm testing a table formatting fix on the download page. 
> From the commit message:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> r846837 | kristwaa | 2013-01-16 14:38:13 +0100 (Wed, 16 Jan 2013) | 7 
> lines
> Testing table formatting fix.
> The problem is that some browsers, for instance Chrome, breaks 
> at the hyphen to try to accommodate the longest issue descriptions in the
> table of fixed issues.
> On my system this happens even with a resolution of 1600x900, and it 
> makes the
> table much harder to read.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Now, that caused some issues when deployed, so I've tried another 
> approach in rev 846838.
> I'd appreciate if you let me know if the fix is causing problems for 
> anyone. You can check how the download page for 10.8.3 compares to for 
> instance 10.9 to see if the change affected your browser.
> If I don't hear anything I plan to incorporate the fix, or another one 
> that works better, in the ReleaseNotesGenerator.
> I also have to verify that Forrest doesn't mess up the fix.
> Thanks,

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