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From Kristian Waagan <krist...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Error message during system test, I think expected, but...
Date Sun, 18 Nov 2012 21:34:14 GMT
On 13.11.2012 20:28, Myrna van Lunteren wrote:
> Hi,
> During the run against of the nstest client/server system
> test, which retries to connect to a backed-up database with a bad
> password, generating XBM06 errors, I also see the following in
> derby.log:
> Mon Nov 05 03:21:36 PST 2012
> Thread[derby.index-stat-thread,5,derby.daemons] {istat} shutting down
> daemon, 50 consecutive errors seen
> java.lang.IllegalStateException: degraded state
>          at org.apache.derby.impl.services.daemon.IndexStatisticsDaemonImpl.processingLoop(Unknown
> Source)
>          at org.apache.derby.impl.services.daemon.IndexStatisticsDaemonImpl.run(Unknown
> Source)
>          at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:736)
> Note that while there are indeed repeated XBM06 errors regarding
> connect to restored database, the test merrily continues to prattle to
> the active database without any errors.
> On checking the saved output from my and run, I can
> see the same behavior there.
> I think this is likely expected behavior, but can anyone confirm/correct?

Hi Myrna,

This is the first time I see this error reported. Do you have a log 
telling what the errors encountered by the istat daemon are?
You may have to enable istat logging and/or tracing to see that.

While the istat daemon will be shut down for the database, this will not 
affect other activities in the database. However, I would expect that if 
the istat daemon fails on 50 consecutive attempts, there is a 
non-trivial problem in the system, or a bug in the daemon itself.

This feature was added to stop the daemon from eating up the system 
resources in cases where it keeps failing for some reason.


> Thx,
> Myrna

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