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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: Draft Release Notes for 10.8.3
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2012 14:53:50 GMT
On 10/24/12 4:13 PM, Katherine Marsden wrote:
> Hello Derby-dev,
> Attached are the draft release notes for 10.8.3.   They actually say 
> because until I merge the versions the tool cannot be 
> generated with  10.8.3 as the release version.
> Please review.   I do have one question on the tool and generation. 
> The output says one issue was "disqualified".  Is there a simple way 
> to tell which one and why are issues disqualified? Is it because the 
> issue is also marked fixed in an earlier version?
Hi Kathey,

Yes, that is my understanding of what that diagnostic means. This 
message comes from the persistFilterResult() method of 

I believe this is the code which counts the qualified issues:

             // This will throw exception if the target version isn't in 
the list
             // of fix versions, and return null if the issue has been dis-
             // qualified because it has already been fixed in an ancestor.
             String fixVersions = stringifyAndCheckFixVersions(ri.getKey(),
                     ri.getFixVersions(), excludeList, targetVersion);
             if (fixVersions == null) {

I don't see any easy way of getting the extra information you want other 
than putting some extra diagnostics inside that code block.

Hope this helps,
> [generateReleaseNotes] // Filter id: 12322780, user id kmarsden
> [generateReleaseNotes] // Filter issue count: 80
> [generateReleaseNotes] // Issues written: 79
> [generateReleaseNotes] // Issues disqualified: 1
> [generateReleaseNotes] // Issues with release note: 2
>      [echo] Release notes written to 
> C:\cygwin\svn\10.8/RELEASE-NOTES.html
> Command for generating was:
> $ant -Drelnotes.src.reports=C:\\cygwin\\svn\\10.8 -Djira.user=kmarsden 
> -Djira.password=xxxxx -Drelease.version= 
> -Djira.filter.id=12322780   genrelnotes

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