On 10.09.2012 20:07, Bergquist, Brett wrote:

I am thinking this because I was told on a previous emailing when trying to build this utility totally from a script point of view using IJ to freeze the database, SH to perform the ZFS snapshot and IJ to unfreeze the database that it was not expected that the freeze/unfreeze would be done from separate connections.  I fact I ran into a problem with the utility at that point where the IJ connection to unfreeze could not be created because the database was frozen.

Hmm. I just tried this, and found I can make another connection even when the database is frozen, although when I try to do an update the operation hangs as expected. Maybe there is a bug the prohibits a new connection in some (hitherto uncharacterized) cases?



So I guess is there ever a use case that would require a database to be frozen and not unfrozen before the connection is closed/lost?