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From david myers <david.myers.scibearsp...@gmail.com>
Subject Derby Key Words
Date Wed, 29 Aug 2012 23:38:02 GMT
Hello all,

This is my first post, and my first try at 'contributing' to a project...

I've come across an issue with 'keywords' in derby. Bear in mind the 
functionality as it currently stands does exactly what I would expect 
(and as is described in the docs, as far as I can tell!).

My issue relates to 2 that are currently on jira

Bryan Pendleton made a comment on Derby2245

Which encompasses my expectations exactly.

I'm converting (albeit slowly) a number of MS Access DB's to derbyDB. I 
came across the problem that MS Access seems not to care about SQL 
keywords as names for tables or columns!
I was unable to find a 'neat' solution to test names against all the 
keywords that are reserved by Derby (so as I could then simply prepend 
the name of the table to the field).
I did some searching and found the following page.
This has 2 functions (or I assume they are functions or static 
variables) in it: reservedKeyword and nonReservedKeyword

Due to my specific problem I took this list, and inserted the values 
into my DB instance. During this process I found that a number of the 
values where duplicated (is this to be expected?), this caused me a bit 
of a surprise, but wasn't hard to solve.

The upshot is I have a nice mechanism for inserting the all the values 
into a table.
If it would be helpful I would be more than happy to slightly modify 
this code so as to get the values from the functions (mentioned above), 
and insert them into a table somewhere.

If this would be a function that may be useful for users generally I 
would be happy to investigate implementing it.

My Questions / problems are now the following.
Where do I find the java class file that contains the methods / 
functions (or whatever they are) so as I can work out a way to extract them.
If I am to insert them into a table (I assume one of the system table, 
or create a new one) where should they go?
Currently the DatabaseMetaData.getSQLKeywords() returns the 'non SQL92 
keywords'. This seems fair enough, but I guess we should make this data 
available somehow, what should I call the method, and what class file 
should I put it in (I seem unable to find a DatabaseMetaData.java file ~ 
so I guess I'm missing something, or not looking hard enough!).

Other questions, info...

Did I mention that this is my first attempt at doing any contributing to 
a project?

I normally use eclipse for my personal development, how can I go about 
importing the project to an eclipse workspace?

I normally used OpenJDK when I'm at home (At work I use the Sun JDK7, 
and then cross test with OpenJDK7 ~ unfortunately anything that involves 
MS Access uses the sun.java.jdbc.odbc package, which I can't seem to 
find a replacement for), is there any likelyhood this will cause be 
grief? Also I'm on Junit 4.

I'm sure I'll get other "silly" questions before I commit my first 
'patch', so please bear with me.

I look forward to hearing from you all.


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