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From akshay khatri <akshaykhatri...@gmail.com>
Subject Tests in Derby
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2012 11:55:27 GMT

I have been learning derby and looked at derby code. I see that Derby has
tests written for most of its classes.
I see that Derby has implementations of most of the Java classes like
PreparedStatement, CallableStatement. But while testing the default
java.sql classes are used.

For example in the case of XAConnection, the test seem to be written in
XA_Test.java. But the XAConnection class used there is from java.sql
package rather than derby's own package.
So does that mean that XAConnection from Derby's package is not included in
test cases ? If that is so, what is the purpose of writing test cases in
that scenario.

How do you add basic unit tests to Derby if I want to contribute  like the
ones in derbyTesting.functionTests package. ? Is there a document for that ?

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