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From "LUTTER, Steffen" <steffen.lut...@sap.com>
Subject derby getProcedureColumns
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 15:54:45 GMT

I have an issue with stored procedures in derby and like to ask for your confirmation. When
querying the procedure columns, according to the JDBC standard we escape pattern characters,
like _ and % if necessary. The escape character is here taken from the function getSearchStringEscape().
The problem is, that derby doesn't seem to accept the escaping in case of _ (underscore),
and uses the escape characters within the match which leads to the situation that the stored
proc is not found.


We have a stored procedure MY_PROC.

getConnection ().getMetaData ().getProcedureColumns (null, null, "MY\\_PROC" ,"%") => Stored
proc is not found

getConnection ().getMetaData ().getProcedureColumns (null, null, "MY_PROC" ,"%") => Stored
proc is found

The first case is the problem, as the _ needs escaping. For the second case it works, even
though theoretically also procedures called MY-PROC, MY+PROC, MYXPROC would match.

Have I overseen something? Can you confirm?


Many thanks in advance,


Steffen Lutter | Developer | Semantic Layer | TIP BAT EIM | +33 1 41 25 38 68

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