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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@oracle.com>
Subject 10.9 release
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 18:17:01 GMT
A little less than a week remains before we build the first 10.9 release 
candidate. At the end of this message, I summarize the status of 
important issues, which people had hoped we would address for 10.9.

At this time, I do not see any reason to push back the 10.9 schedule and 
I plan to build a release candidate next Monday. Please let me know if 
you disagree with this decision.


------------------------ IMPORTANT ISSUES ------------------------

I believe that the issues with identity/sequence generators have been 
addressed (see DERBY-5495). People also expressed interest in tackling 
the following issues:


The following issue has been resolved:

DERBY-5667 Instability in UpdateLocksTest


The following issues are being worked on and should be wrapped up by 
next Monday:

DERBY-5565 Network Server should reject client connections that are not 
Derby Network Cli
DERBY-5691 Document that Write Caching must be disabled to avoid 
possible database corruption
DERBY-5508 Improve backup/restore documentation visibility and content 
to encourage proper backups and restore procedures


Partial progress has been made on some of the following issues. However, 
some of these issues have not attracted a volunteer yet. I do not plan 
to hold up the release for any of this stabilization work:

DERBY-4852 Instability in JMXTest.
DERBY-5197 Instability in Replication tests.
DERBY-5600 Instability in Replication tests.
DERBY-5666 Instability in NativeAuthenticationServiceTest
DERBY-5686 Instability in DriverMgrAuthenticationTest.


No one has volunteered to pick up the following new features. I do not 
plan to hold up the release, waiting for volunteers.

DERBY-4805 Increase the length of the RDBNAM field in the DRDA
DERBY-5578 Provide a way to invalidate stored prepared statements


A fix has been checked in which addresses the repros attached to the 
following issue. However, a user reports another version of the bug. I 
am prepared to hold up the release if the new version of the bug can be 
scripted. Otherwise, waiting for a repro is an unbounded problem, and I 
think it is better to produce a 10.9 release which contains the current, 
partial fix:

DERBY-5234 Data corruption caused by inplace table compression

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