Hi Kathey,

Thanks for noting. I have updated the proposal in the google doc also.

As for the OSGi tests, I found out that Pax Exam [1] can be used for this purpose. Tests can be written using JUnit as any other JUnit test. Pax Exam is able to run an OSGi framework and add the tests as a bundle and run the tests within the OSGi environment. Also I found out that it can be integrated into an ant build. So I think this would serve our purpose. I have no prior experience of using this but from what I found out, Pax Exam is better than the other alternatives.

[1] http://team.ops4j.org/wiki/display/paxexam/Pax+Exam


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On 4/11/2012 4:37 AM, Tiago Espinha wrote:
Hi Nufail,
Kathey and Bryan, feel free to contribute your thoughts about Nufail's and Siddharth's proposals. The more input we have, the better.

Hi Mohamed,

One important thing is that the proposal in the melange tool has been updated vs the one in google docs that is available to the general community.   Please update your google docs document to match your formal proposal so the whole community can see.

 I like the revised proposal better with a more intense focus on client  code coverage and OSGI functional testing coverage.  I wonder what is the approach  for adding OSGi tests?  Is this something that can easily be incorporated into our JUnit framework. I have to admit I am totally inexperienced in this area, so welcome not only the promise of some coverage but education in this area as well.




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