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From siddharth srivastava <akssps...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: GSoC 2012 Proposal
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2012 11:42:34 GMT
   The reports published on the site also use sane builds. It looks like

> the coverage is poorer in the replication code. The replication tests
> spawn many processes, so I'm wondering if there might be a problem with
> storing the coverage data from sub-processes; sometimes causing the
> report generation to fail, sometimes making the report lack some data.
Thanks Knut. I have tried emma-all with an insane build as well.
The report generation failed while generating reports.
I have uploaded the results at:
seems to be quite different from the sane build.

Also, the fail log shows that these tests failed with emma:

1) Embedded_30: BasicSetup, Changes10_2, Changes10_3, Changes10_4,
Changes10_5, Changes10_6,Changes10_7,Changes10_9
2) Embedded_40: Changes10_2, Changes10_3, Changes10_4, Changes10_5,
Changes10_6, Changes10_7, Changes10_9, DatabaseMetaDataTest

I am looking at the stacktrace of each of them:
 For example,
failed due to: ERROR 42802: The number of values assigned is not the same
as the number of specified or implied columns.

And there are a number of strange reasons for failures such as non
availbality of boot password for encrypted database.
Also, some tests required derby.database property to be setup.

Also there is: AUTHORIZATIONID not valid for SYSIBM expected:<[DBA]> but

So, are these errors due to the specific JVM or environment and are as
expected ?

Second point I wanted to ask was, where can we look for emma logs, I am
pretty sure
that my console showed that report generation failed at some point, but
unable to find
where the logs are for that. (serverConsoleOutput doesn't seem to contain
it either).


Siddharth Srivastava

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