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From Kim Haase <camilla.ha...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: 10.9 release
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 19:57:39 GMT
On 04/18/12 02:23 PM, Katherine Marsden wrote:
> On 4/11/2012 10:00 AM, Rick Hillegas wrote:
>> Hi Kathey,
>> Can you give us more detail about what makes this testing burden
>> increase dramatically with each new release? At first blush, it seems
>> to me that the burden should increase linearly and therefore the
>> expense should be hidden by the more than linear increase in machine
>> power over time. Maybe there is some tooling we could build or
>> simplification we could investigate which would reduce this increase
>> to a linear problem.
> I was trying to find your excellent email a while back explaining the
> number of upgrade/downgrade trajectories, client server combinations,
> jvm's and the length of time (as I recall years) it would take to do
> basic testing on all of them.
> I will look some more and work the numbers and then start a new thread
> on the topic.
>>> Are there pressing needs that necessitate a 10.9 vs a 10.8.3 right away?
>> I would like to get NATIVE authentication into users' hands. I'd also
>> like to see the remaining bits of JDBC 4.1 go GA.
> Definitely good to get these things out there. Perhaps we can integrate
> a bug fix effort to drive down the backlog. I started a triage effort at:
> http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/DerbyTenNineBugTriage
> I think most of the bugs except Replication and Documentation have been
> triaged through January. Wouldn't take much to get that up to date with
> recent issues and add some lists for High value fixes etc to the 10.9
> page if that is ok. Alternately I could make a separate 10.9 bug fixing
> drive page.
> I think the most important fix to get in for 10.9 is DERBY-5234. We
> shouldn't do a release with a known corruption issue like that. If we
> are putting out a feature release. It would sure be gret to see the
> following fixed too instead of waiting for 10.10:
> DERBY-4805 Increase the length of the RDBNAM field in the DRDA
> DERBY-5578 Provide a way to invalidate stored prepared statements
> DERBY-5565 Network Server should reject client connections that are not
> Derby Network Cli
> <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-5565>
> I can get DERBY-5565 in, but won't have time to pick up the other two
> before the proposed release candidate date. Might someone else be able
> to pick these up? I think they are small high value items but have to be
> done in feature release I think.
> Lastly, couple of important doc issues would be great to get in too to
> decrease the frequency and pain of corruptions:
> DERBY-5691 Document that Write Caching must be disabled to avoid
> possible database corruption

I looked at this and will pick it up. I may need some help, though, 
figuring out where best to put this information.

> DERBY-5508 Improve backup/restore documentation visibility and content
> to encourage proper backups and restore procedures

You read my mind -- I'm about to file a preliminary patch for this, 
though I asked a few questions yesterday to which it would be helpful to 
get answers before the next patch.


>>> I think it might be good to do one more 10.8 release before 10.9.
>> Another 10.8 release sounds like a good idea for people who want
>> targetted bug fixes on a stable codebase. I have no objection to
>> someone else producing a 10.8.3 release.
> I will try to manage a 10.8.3 shortly after 10.9 goes out and
> incorporate the portable fixes we get into trunk as part of the 10.9 bug
> fixing effort.
> Kathey

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