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From echo <echo...@gmail.com>
Subject [GSoC2012 Improve Derby's Code Coverage]
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2012 02:23:20 GMT

I want to introduce myself to you guys at first. My name is Echo, come from
China. I will graduate from Chinese Academy of Sciences with master degree
on July this year. There will be a lot of spare time to spend before work
in a software company I think.
While coding for an open source community is so cool during the the
interval, from my point of view, you can not just fetch more programming,
communicating, learning skills, but also the attitude of contribution to a
group which I think is the best quality for a human being, especially an
open-minded programmer.
The best programming language I 'm familiar with is Java, with several
projects I have been attending:

   - B3log <http://code.google.com/p/b3log-solo/> - an open source blog
   system which can be deployed on GAE.
   - Guangdong Telecom <http://gd.189.cn/index_gd.html> - an e-business
   platform for China Telecom(Guangdong division)
   - Open Library <http://open-library.appspot.com/> - open library which
   would support members at Beijing GNOME User Group <http://www.bjgug.org/>
   - etc.

Also I had the intern experience in SUN MicroSystem(now Oracle) about 4
months, I like their engineering air actually.
Besides, I always interested in all kinds of FOSS, as well as close
interaction with BJGUG <http://www.bjgug.org/>, Open
, B3log <http://code.google.com/p/b3log-solo/> and so forth.
As a last year's(four moths exactly) student, I'm going to apply for a
project of GSoC 2012, based on my own capability and interested aspects. To
become a persist commiter is my final aim. And I am practicing AGILE
development now, familiar with TDD, Refactoring and something like that.


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