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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: Are devs interested in adding spatial support (Spatial4j)?
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 14:59:04 GMT
On 3/5/12 10:13 PM, David Smiley @MITRE.org wrote:
> Hi.
> I'm David Smiley, a recent committer to the Apache Lucene project.  I do a
> lot of Lucene/Solr development implementing [geo]spatial search.  Ryan
> McKinley (another committer) and I created a generic spatial ASL-licensed
> library out of a portion of our work called Spatial4j ( http://spatial4j.com
> forwards to a Github project).  I think Spatial4j should be of particular
> interest to ASF projects that wish to add spatial support to their projects.
> Why?  Because it *optionally* supports JTS -- the defacto spatial library in
> Java.  Anybody whose done spatial work in Java probably knows this.  But
> unfortunately, JTS and many other spatial libraries are LGPL licensed which
> is problematic for ASF projects.  Spatial4j is ASL licensed but is not an
> ASF project. You certainly don't need JTS to use lots of useful features in
> Spatial4j.  Here are the main features:
> * Shape objects: Point, Rectangle, Circle (i.e. point-radius)
> * Calculate relation to another shape: within, contains, disjoint,
> intersects
> * Geospatial&  Spatial orientation
> * Great-circle distance calculations (Law of Cosines, Haversine, Vincenty)
> and other math
> * Serialize and deserialize shapes to strings in a dialect of WKT -- the
> standard on spatial interoperability
> * An optional JTS extension adding support for more shapes and WKT, notably
> polygons
> Most of the code is well tested and it has been developed/improved over the
> course of the past year or so.
> I'm writing this both to announce it and get a sense of interest amongst
> developers here.  I intend to do the same for some other ASF projects.
> Integrating Spatial4j into Derby at least at basic level is conceptually
> straight-forward.  Assuming latitudes and longitudes are indexed in Derby,
> Spatial4j can assist in telling you what the bounding lat-lon rectangle is
> of a user input point-radius.  That bounding box would be a first-pass
> filter against your indexes.  Spatial4j will then tell you which indexed
> points intersect with the query shape.  There are far more sophisticated
> approaches that can be taken using PrefixTrees/Tries and an encoding like
> Geohashes, as is taken for Lucene's new spatial module.
> ~ David Smiley
Thanks for this useful package, David. Probably it could be used as-is 
today by simple applications which just need to store spatial objects in 
columns and ask limited questions about their relationships. The Derby 
CREATE TYPE and CREATE FUNCTION commands may be used to hook your 
package into a Derby database. Indexing, of course, is another tricky 
bit. Lots of people have expressed interest in Derby RTrees, but the 
implementation would be a fair amount of work. I have added a pointer to 
this email thread to the relevant Derby JIRA issue: 


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