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From "David Smiley @MITRE.org" <DSMI...@mitre.org>
Subject Re: Are devs interested in adding spatial support (Spatial4j)?
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 15:21:52 GMT

Thanks for responding Rick.

As much as Spatial4j helps out, I agree there is a fair amount of work left
to spatial-enable a database system, especially if you want to go beyond
more basic point indexing.  (This would be even more true if all you had was
JTS, by the way).  And I don't think there's much Spatial4j can do beyond
what it does because the actual performant indexing is inherent to each
database system.  It's possible the PrefixTree approach I implemented for
Lucene might be generalized to other systems but I don't really know Derby's
low-level internals.  Thanks for the DERBY-3670 reference; I'm now
"watch"-ing it.

~ David

Rick Hillegas-3 wrote:
> On 3/5/12 10:13 PM, David Smiley @MITRE.org wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I'm David Smiley, a recent committer to the Apache Lucene project.  I do
>> a
>> lot of Lucene/Solr development implementing [geo]spatial search.  Ryan
>> McKinley (another committer) and I created a generic spatial ASL-licensed
>> library out of a portion of our work called Spatial4j (
>> http://spatial4j.com
>> forwards to a Github project).  I think Spatial4j should be of particular
>> interest to ASF projects that wish to add spatial support to their
>> projects.
>> Why?  Because it *optionally* supports JTS -- the defacto spatial library
>> in
>> Java.  Anybody whose done spatial work in Java probably knows this.  But
>> unfortunately, JTS and many other spatial libraries are LGPL licensed
>> which
>> is problematic for ASF projects.  Spatial4j is ASL licensed but is not an
>> ASF project. You certainly don't need JTS to use lots of useful features
>> in
>> Spatial4j.  Here are the main features:
>> * Shape objects: Point, Rectangle, Circle (i.e. point-radius)
>> * Calculate relation to another shape: within, contains, disjoint,
>> intersects
>> * Geospatial&  Spatial orientation
>> * Great-circle distance calculations (Law of Cosines, Haversine,
>> Vincenty)
>> and other math
>> * Serialize and deserialize shapes to strings in a dialect of WKT -- the
>> standard on spatial interoperability
>> * An optional JTS extension adding support for more shapes and WKT,
>> notably
>> polygons
>> Most of the code is well tested and it has been developed/improved over
>> the
>> course of the past year or so.
>> I'm writing this both to announce it and get a sense of interest amongst
>> developers here.  I intend to do the same for some other ASF projects.
>> Integrating Spatial4j into Derby at least at basic level is conceptually
>> straight-forward.  Assuming latitudes and longitudes are indexed in
>> Derby,
>> Spatial4j can assist in telling you what the bounding lat-lon rectangle
>> is
>> of a user input point-radius.  That bounding box would be a first-pass
>> filter against your indexes.  Spatial4j will then tell you which indexed
>> points intersect with the query shape.  There are far more sophisticated
>> approaches that can be taken using PrefixTrees/Tries and an encoding like
>> Geohashes, as is taken for Lucene's new spatial module.
>> ~ David Smiley
> Thanks for this useful package, David. Probably it could be used as-is 
> today by simple applications which just need to store spatial objects in 
> columns and ask limited questions about their relationships. The Derby 
> CREATE TYPE and CREATE FUNCTION commands may be used to hook your 
> package into a Derby database. Indexing, of course, is another tricky 
> bit. Lots of people have expressed interest in Derby RTrees, but the 
> implementation would be a fair amount of work. I have added a pointer to 
> this email thread to the relevant Derby JIRA issue: 
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-3670
> Thanks,
> -Rick

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