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From Sara Nilsson <sara_nilsson...@hotmail.com>
Subject Test Methodology
Date Mon, 13 Feb 2012 21:14:13 GMT
To gatekeepers, testers or to whom this may concern.

We're four engineering students at the Faculty of Engineering, University of
Lund (LU, http://www.lu.se ; LTH, http://www.lth.se) at the department of
Computer Science. We're working on a paper on test methodology in open
source projects and would be very grateful if you could spare a few minutes
and answer the following questions.

Our intentions are to send this questionaire to a number of open source
projects and compare their view of testing the project they're currently

When the paper is finished we're more than willing to share our findings
with you.


Alexander Wallin, Ola Berg, Oscar Hjerpe and Sara Nilsson
Engineering students
Faculty of Engineering
University of Lund


If you lack answers to any question please write <skip> or leave the answer
area empty.

(General info about the project)
- How large in lines of code is the project in its current form?
(approximatively) (KLOC)

- How many developers are currently actively developing? (approximatively)

- For how long has this project been actively developed? (approximatively)

- Is there any current industry or university backers to the project?
(Monetary and / or developers to the project)

(Test related questions)

- Is there any documents concerning testing? Such as a test plan, test
strategy or equivalent documents? Are they actually followed?

- Who conducts formal tests? Are there any dedicated testers? In what form?

- When do you decide to release a new version? Is it feature or date based?
(e.g. do you release on set dates or when new functionality is added)

- What kind of testing is conducted before a release? Is it any different
from when it's developed?

- Who discovers the most bugs before a release? Testers? Beta testers?

- Who discovers the most bugs after a release? Testers? Beta testers? Users?

- Is the majority of bugs discovered before or after a release?

- Test coverage. Is the concept of test coverage important? Do you have any
statistics concerning this?

- What tools are used during testing?

- Is there any difference between testing during development and during a
release? Are developers required to test using the same tests as is used
during a release? 

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