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From Katherine Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: [URGENT] Critical test situation on trunk
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 14:27:08 GMT
On 2/8/2012 2:15 AM, Kristian Waagan wrote:
> On 08.02.2012 11:01, Knut Anders Hatlen wrote:
> <snip>
>> This deadlock does not happen in Java 6 because the getConnection() 
>> method is no longer synchronized, and the synchronized section in 
>> getDriver() has been narrowed down (and in Java 7 it's completely 
>> removed). 
> We had the same problem in the replication test code at some point. I 
> can't remember what was done to fix it, maybe the code was 
> restructured to avoid the problem altogether.
We had this problem in Network Server initially if client was in the 
same jvm. The solution was to avoid using Driver Manager in  internally 
all together and let the user have the DriverManagerLock. In 
NetworkServerControlImpl we have:
     // start the server.
                     cloudscapeDriver = (Driver) 

and then use that Driver for getting connections.

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