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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: Copyright clairification for fo2html.xsl in Derby software.
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2012 21:30:59 GMT
On 1/10/12 8:31 AM, Rick Hillegas wrote:
> ...
>>> Here are some solutions listed in declining
>>> order of effort:
>>> 1) Remove fo2html.xsl.
>>> + Easy.
>>> - We will lose the no-frames version of the html docs. I do use the
>>> no-frames version when citing doc passages in posts to derby-user. 
>>> That is
>>> my only use for the no-frames version. Passage citations would be a 
>>> little
>>> more cumbersome, but I could live with that.
>>> 2) Track down Nikolai Grigoriev and get him to open source this file 
>>> under
>>> Apache 2.0.
>>> + Preserves the no-frames version of the docs.
>>> + Relatively low effort on our part.
>>> - Unbounded problem. We're not certain that we can track him down or 
>>> that he
>>> would agree to use the Apache 2.0 license.
>>> 3) Replace fo2html.xsl with an xsl transformation which we write 
>>> ourselves.
>>> + Preserves the no-frames version of the docs.
>>> - Probably outside the current skill sets of our current contributors.
>>> 4) Convert the docs to another source format.
>>> + Would be an opportunity to address our dissatisfactions with DITA,
>>> including its accessibility problems and our inability to generate a 
>>> doc
>>> index.
>>> - Big effort.
>>> Thanks,
>>> -Rick
>> Quick question/comment re 2): Nikolai Grigoriev is listed as author
>> but isn't the copyright by renderX? Daniel Dobbins said he tried to
>> contact the author without result, perhaps he didn't try the
>> company...But - I am not a lawyer.
>> I prefer option 4 but have no time/skill, so for short term 1.
>> Myrna
> Right, you noticed this and Knut noticed this. In the meantime, I 
> noticed it too and I have started an email conversation with RenderX 
> about the possibility of their licensing the file under Apache 2.0. 
> Stay tuned...
> Thanks,
> -Rick
The CEO at RenderX has responded:

"I'm sorry, but after careful consideration, I have failed to find enough
benefits to us to grant this permission based on the your email below.
If you believe that it's worth your time, then we can discuss this real time
- Skype or phone."

I don't see much that we can offer RenderX. It's unlikely that I can 
change their minds, so I'm not inclined to pursue this option further. 
If someone else would like to continue the discussion with RenderX, I 
can put you in touch with their CEO. Otherwise, I vote for option (1) above.


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