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From Sreedish P S <sreedis...@gmail.com>
Subject Statistics are not capturing in XPLAIN- only mode
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2011 07:09:27 GMT
The information about query execution plan is not getting captured in
sysxplain_* tables in the XPLAIN-only mode . But the statistics are captured
perfectly if the queries are executed . I need to get the query execution plan
without actually executing it . Please help . 

Error shown when I give a query in XPLAIN-only mode is 

select * from physicsmarks where P_Id = 34567 ;
ERROR XCL16: ResultSet not open. Operation 'getMetaData' not permitted. Verify
that autocommit is OFF.

I tried with autocommit OFF , but still giving same results . The sysxaplain_*
tables are empty after this . Please help . 

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