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From Kristian Waagan <kristian.waa...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: coming up
Date Fri, 07 Oct 2011 09:10:00 GMT
Den 07.10.2011 00:36, skrev Myrna van Lunteren:
> Hi,
> Rick has backed out the fix for DERBY-4437.
> I'm running nstest on a couple of machines and - of course depending
> on the results in the next day or so - I hope to make a new candidate
> release on Monday, October 10, 2011.
> I'm not updating the wiki pages just yet...
> I believe most fixed bugs that are suitable for backport have been backported.
> I only have the following possibles:
> DERBY-3823 - NullPointerException in stress.multi test
>        The fix hasn't yet been checked in, but this might be nice to
> avoid this old intermittent test failure. Is this change suitable for
> backport or could it cause incompatibilities?
> DERBY-5427 - I think Kathey is on this. Would be nice to have, but it
> only affects ibm 1.7 users and only in specific situations.
> Any issues anyone is working on backporting?

Hi  Myrna,

I'm working on DERBY-5447, which is a Java deadlock involving the 
automatic index statistics daemon. It causes two threads to hang 
I have two patches, one ran for 1099 iterations of the hanging test 
suite without hitting the problem, the other is currently at 879 
iterations (each iteration takes 60 - 90 seconds). Without the fix(es) 
the test ususally hangs after 9 to 30 iterations.

The good news is that the second patch is an isolated change to the 
istat daemon itself, instead of modifying the core code in 
BasePage.releaseExclusive. I wouldn't be afraid to port this to 10.8 
immediately after the fix goes into trunk.

I don't want you to hold back the release because of this issue (as 
several factors have to come into play to trigger it), but it would be 
good to know when you plan to produce the next release candidate.

Regards, and thank you for your continued efforts for a solid 10.8.2,

> Regards,
> Myrna

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