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From "Bergquist, Brett" <BBergqu...@canoga.com>
Subject Have a database that has a phantom "transaction" even after booting the database clean in embedded mode
Date Thu, 18 Aug 2011 22:38:54 GMT
I have a database that shows a phantom "transaction" even after booting the database in embedded
mode.    This is Derby   The database has >600 log files in the "log" directory.
 I connect to the database using IJ in embedded mode and it takes a while for the database
to boot.  Using "truss" I can see it going through the files in the "log" directory.  Eventually
it does boot and I can query, etc.

Here is what I see when I boot the database:

bash-3.00# export DERBY_HOME
bash-3.00# $DERBY_HOME/bin/ij
ij version 10.8
ij> connect 'jdbc:derby:/opt/canogaview/glassfish/databases/csemdb';

ij> select * from syscs_diag.transaction_table;
XID            |GLOBAL_XID                                                               
 |USERNAME                                   |TYPE                          |STATUS  |FIRST_
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------
5627782391     |(4871251,d9fa0200553fbadd73756e332d7369743233372c7365727665722c5 033373030,73756e332d7369743233372c7365727665722c50333730302c01)
|NULL                                   |UserTransaction               |PREPARED|(15426 02,530516)
5630573339     |NULL                                                                 |APP
                                  |UserTransaction               |IDLE    |NULL          
    |select * from syscs_diag.transaction_table 

2 rows selected


Note the transaction that is present even though the database was just booted in embedded
mode.  Shutting down derby and restarting has no effect.   I also tried checkpointing the
database, etc. but still this phantom transaction persists.

Some background, this database is accessed through a Glassfish Java EE application using JTA.
 There were millions of inserts done on the database, but the database was shutdown clean.
 Only on restarting the database did I notice the long boot time and found all of the files
in the "log" directory and started to investigate.  

This is very similar to what happened about a month ago where I had a system in production
do this an 64Gb of transaction log files where left over.

I have this database and can do analysis on it if someone can point me in a direction to look
and tools to use.


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