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From Tiago Espinha <ti...@espinhas.net>
Subject Re: Fwd: contributing to "The Architecture of Open Source Applications"
Date Thu, 09 Jun 2011 11:04:57 GMT
Thank you for all the encouragement and support!

Rick, I think it's a great idea to make it an iterative process. I will
create a wiki page soon with the outline.

Thank you as well, Bryan, I will have a look at what's already available and
see what I can get from that.

I've also gotten in touch with the editors of the book and they are happy to
include Derby in their book!


On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 4:16 PM, Bryan Pendleton

> On 06/08/2011 03:55 AM, Tiago Espinha wrote:
>> contributing a chapter about Derby to this book.
>> would the community be ok if I go ahead with it?
> I think it's a wonderful idea! Your writing style is great and you
> will bring a lot to the project.
> Regardless of whether or not they are interested in material about Derby,
> it would be wonderful if you could do some writing about Derby and
> we could host it on the Apache website. We already have a "books and
> papers"
> section, and some updated material there would be excellent.
> My only suggestion is, you might want to look through the existing
> book (which is quite interesting btw) and read at least a few of
> the chapters that are already there, to get a feel for the type of
> material they're looking for.
> thanks,
> bryan

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