At first glance this sounds like a set up problem. Or perhaps a bug in
windows 7 or subversion.
Perhaps you've already done the following, but these are the steps I
can think of:
- Perhaps there's a bug in the subversion version you're using on
windows 7? Run svnversion manually from a command line window.
If you still have the older system available, compare the result in
both systems.
- Create a small .xml that only does the ant call to exec svnversion,
and run that with ant -verbose. (You can copy the relevant section
from <trunk>/build.xml).
- Run the ant with -verbose.
- If the above give no hints, run the full build with the property
printCompilerProperties=true. Perhaps it gives some clue as to what's
happening. Again, if you have the older system still available,


Thanks for the suggestions. I will be trying these and will get back soon.

Siddharth Srivastava