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From Ed Costello <edward.coste...@orionhealth.com>
Subject Allowing Derby Network Server when Embedded Driver is not registered with Driver Manager
Date Wed, 18 May 2011 01:48:46 GMT

I've been using the Derby Embedded driver in an environment where it is
unsafe to have the JDBC drivers registered with java.sql.DriverManager
(reasons are later in this email). I'm trying to use the Network Server
to make these embedded databases available to other processes for

I've found that the Network Server doesn't work in such an environment
because NetworkServerControlImpl loads the embedded driver from
DriverManager in order to access the actual databases that it is

Would it be acceptable to introduce a plugin point to allow the Embedded
Driver to be loaded in some other fashion? I've attached a patch which
solves this problem for me but would like to know if this is consistent
with the direction of the project?

The reason we can't use DriverManager is that we're running a OSGi /
J2EE hybrid environment where access to databases (and hence the
drivers) are managed by a particular set of services. Having these
drivers registered with the DriverManager breaks the ability to re-start
and re-deploy these bundles cleanly as it can result in hanging
references to the drivers. Because of this the database management
service explicitly clears all Drivers registered with the DriverManager.
There is an OSGi Service which provides equivalent methods, but the
static access provided by DriverManager is unavailable in this

Thanks in Advance


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