Hi all,

I've been looking at the relatively new addition ( of support for
case insensitive databases through the collation type (TERRITORY_BASED:PRIMARY).

I've noticed that the documentation notes a restriction:

  The collation attribute can be specified only when you create a database. You   
  cannot specify this attribute on an existing database or when you upgrade a database.

This is unfortunate for users with a large number of deployed production systems
that wish to switch to their databases case insensitive.

Having studied the code, it seems this restriction exists solely because Derby does 
not support ALTER DATABASE, the ability to update the database's persisted
collation during upgrade, or alternatively, to override the collation using the connection

As far as I can tell, the format of the persisted data in unaffected by the collation.  The
collation is only applied when interpreting the persisted data, not to transform it for

Is this correct?  If so, any there any reason Derby should not to allow overriding the
collation of the DB when connecting with a URL specifying a collation?