Thanks a lot for your suggestions. I have made the changes, please have a look:

Lily Wei wrote:
 I have a few points about this topic:
    1. Can provide the supporting version for hardware and software that Derby support? i.e. The version of junit etc.

I have added the required software versions, but which hardware versions to add. Should I add the minimum hardware requirements that are required to run java or ant. 
I have used Derby successfully on N900(maemo) some weeks ago, and I was also looking for a place to add this information somewhere on Derby wiki if it is worth.

    2. How to verify the build is a good one? Is the some minimum tests we recommend developer to run? i.e. SimpleTest

Is the SimpleTest the only test we recommend ? or there some other too which cover a few other aspects of Derby too.
(May be for EmbeddedXA also?) 

    3. Can we have a FAQ page to post potential FAQ? i.e. point to all the email list they can use

Added this.

Dave Wrote:
To simplify things, it would be nice if the ant build did
java -XX:MaxPermSize
=512m junit.textui.TestRunner org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.suites.All 
in some task (adding the appropriate classpath entries) for the user.

For the time being I have added a note in the guide regarding this. I have also added the link to the Eclipse and Netbeans tutorial

Knut wrote:
There is an ant target called "junit-all-codeline-jars" that's supposed
to work like that. I haven't tried it myself, though.d 

I haven't tried it hence I haven't it to the tutorial yet (I have used junit all only)
I will try it in coming days and would add to the tutorial appropriately.

Meanwhile, I have noticed that, BUILDING.html contains the link to junit.org for downloading JUnit 3.8.2. But as far as I have looked into it, junit.org doesn't contain this version. It is available on their sourceforge repository. Is it intentional ?

At last, what would be an appropriate place to link this tutorial ?

I was thinking of http://db.apache.org/derby/quick_start.html
But in my opinion, we should refactor the menu there to be something like this:

* Derby Users: Quick Start
* Derby Developers: Quick Start


Siddharth Srivastava