Hi Siddharth,

   Yes adding them to the command line will only effect that session, but i think that is what we should do. There are very confusing problems that can occur when you have arbitrary jars on your global CLASSPATH variable when you runs various java programs. If all the developer is doing is _ONLY_ running derby then it is probably fine, but that is rarely the case. For instance, perhaps a person is running another tool that is using ORO, but is instead using another version or ORO. There maybe class version problems that are mysteriously present because the person didn't realize that the ORO that was used was the wrong the one from the CLASSPATH variable and not from his local directory.

To simplify things, it would be nice if the ant build did

java -XX:MaxPermSize=512m junit.textui.TestRunner org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.suites.All

in some task (adding the appropriate classpath entries) for the user.

The getting started guide is great, by the way. good work... It would be really good if you could embellish it to including setting up an Eclipse environment.


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Hi David

Thanks for your input

On 31 March 2011 21:49, David Brosius <dbrosius@baybroadband.net> wrote:
(iv) Setting CLASSPATH Following are the jars that needs to be included in your classpath

I just don't think any product should request that a user modifies his global CLASSPATH variable, this is just wrong to me. Whatever build/test targets needs these jars should add them to the command line themselves.

Doesn't adding the classpath via command line, only modifies the classpath for that session only ?
or May be I am not very clear by what you mean, can you please elaborate bit more ?

Th anks

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As we discussed earlier I have created a page so as to make it easy for New Developers to set up the environment and get started with Derby.


Please provide you r suggestions in improvising it.


Siddharth Srivastava


Siddharth Srivastava