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From Kim Haase <camilla.ha...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: accessibility changes, was: [VOTE] release
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2011 14:53:47 GMT
Yup, you summarized the problem correctly.

What's going on appears to be the following.

The init target depends on these other targets:


After the toolkit is unpacked, the dita.regex target goes through the 
toolkit files and performs a replacement. dita2htmlImpl.xsl is one of 
the files it changes:

[replaceregexp] Replacing pattern 'select="'.xml'"' with 
'select="'.dita'"' in '
[replaceregexp] File has changed; saving the updated file

The result is that the file has the following change:

< <xsl:param name="DITAEXT" select="'.xml'"/>
 > <xsl:param name="DITAEXT" select="'.dita'"/>

Of the customized files that will be copied from the lib directory, this 
is the only one that is modified by this task.

Then, when the init task copies the files from the lib directory, this 
particular file is skipped over because ant thinks it's up to date:

      [copy] /export/home/chaase/derbydoc/10.8/lib/dita2htmlImpl.xsl 
omitted as /
is up to date.

So for this one, it looks as if I need to add the overwrite="true" 
parameter to the copy command for this file. ("Overwrite existing files 
even if the destination files are newer.")

     <copy file="${dita.lib.dir}/dita2htmlImpl.xsl" 
todir="${dita.dir}/xsl/xslhtml" overwrite="true"/>

If I do that, the corrected version of the file is copied over.

I didn't discover this before because I wasn't using a fresh workspace. 
The dita2htmlImpl.xsl file had been modified so long ago that the copy 
worked fine. When I checked out the 10.8 workspace and tried to build, 
the problem showed up.

I'll file a JIRA for the build.xml fix. Hope that's okay.


On 04/05/11 09:15 AM, Rick Hillegas wrote:
> Hi Kim,
> I hope I'm not garbling what you said. Is this a fair summary:
> 1) The release documentation is missing part of the fix for DERBY-5136.
> 2) It appears that if you build the docs standalone, that fix is also 
> missing.
> Maybe the xsl is being unpacked/recreated by another part of the build 
> script AFTER the <copy> command you added.
> Thanks,
> -Rick
> On 4/4/11 3:00 PM, Kim Haase wrote:
>> Thanks, Rick. The release appears to include all the documentation 
>> fixes that were checked into the trunk, in terms of content. So I vote
>> +1
>> There is one oddity, though, which is by no means a showstopper for 
>> this release but should be fixed before the next one.
>> DERBY-5136 made fixes to the index.html file that is used for all the 
>> manuals, and these are present in the new ones.
>> However, it also included a modified version of the file 
>> DITA-OT1.1.2.1/xsl/xslhtml/dita2htmlImpl.xsl that the build.xml file 
>> is supposed to copy from lib/dita2htmlImpl.xsl into that directory, 
>> and that is supposed to make section titles h2 instead of h4, so that 
>> HTML headers appear in order.
>> <copy file="${dita.lib.dir}/dita2htmlImpl.xsl" 
>> todir="${dita.dir}/xsl/xslhtml"/>
>> This fix doesn't appear in the docs for some strange reason. 
>> In the 10.8 branch, the corrected version of the dita2htmlImpl.xsl 
>> file is in the lib directory:
>>  jdench 120 =>grep h2 lib/dita2htmlImpl.xsl
>> <h2 class="sectiontitle"><xsl:value-of select="@spectitle"/></h2>
>> <h2 class="sectiontitle"><xsl:value-of select="$defaulttitle"/></h2>
>> <h2 class="sectiontitle">
>> </h2>
>>  ...
>> When I build a manual, the file appears to be copied into the 
>> DITA-OT1.1.2.1/xsl/xslhtml/ directory, because it gets a new 
>> timestamp; but the version there is the version with h4 section 
>> titles, not h2 ones:
>>  jdench 121 =>grep h4 DITA-OT1.1.2.1/xsl/xslhtml/dita2htmlImpl.xsl
>> <h4 class="sectiontitle"><xsl:value-of select="@spectitle"/></h4>
>> <h4 class="sectiontitle"><xsl:value-of select="$defaulttitle"/></h4>
>> <h4 class="sectiontitle">
>> </h4>
>> Do you have any idea what might be going on?
>> In the output, you can tell from the Copyright topic if the output is 
>> correct (it has a section title).
>> Thanks,
>> Kim
>> On 04/04/11 11:40 AM, Rick Hillegas wrote:
>>> Please test-drive the candidate, then vote on whether to 
>>> accept it as a Derby release. The candidate lives at:
>>> http://people.apache.org/~rhillegas/
>>> The polls close at 5:00 pm San Francisco time on Monday, April 20.
>>> is a feature release, described in greater detail here: 
>>> http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/DerbyTenEightOneRelease
>>> Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.
>>> Regards,
>>> -Rick

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