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From Knut Anders Hatlen <knut.hat...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: many open test failure issues...
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2011 22:22:05 GMT
Rick Hillegas <rick.hillegas@oracle.com> writes:

> I think that the laudable goal of error-free tests for 7 consecutive
> nights may prove to be overly aggressive for the 10.8.2 release
> manager. I couldn't testify that we have ever seen more than a couple
> consecutive nights of clean runs.

Error-free tests would be nice, yes. :)

Looking at the test results from the last week at
http://dbtg.foundry.sun.com/derby/test/, and disregarding the Java 7
noise for a moment, it looks like a normal day has from 1 to 3 failures.
Considering that the tests run on 25 different platforms, I think the
number is not that bad.

What typically fails, is one of the replication tests and
AutomaticIndexStatisticsTest on Windows. Disabling
AutomaticIndexStatisticsTest on Windows until we've figured out
DERBY-5108 sounds like a reasonable way to reduce the noise.

Not sure what we should do with the replication tests until we've
stabilized them. Disabling them all may be a bit drastic. Although most
of us probably have developed a mental filter by now and ignore the
failures in the replication tests, they still have value since I'm sure
we'll notice once they detect a regression and start failing
consistently, as opposed to the intermittent failures we see currently.

Knut Anders

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