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From Mike Matrigali <mikem_...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: reminder - don't use DERBY-XXXX: text format in svn commits (colon defeats JIRA/svn integration)
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 19:29:47 GMT
Does anyone know if this can be fixed.  I tried editing the comment but
it looks like there is no trigger on that.  I did not realize how bad
this was, a quick rough grep indicates approximately 2500 of our issues
have this problem.  Including recently:

DERBY-4837: Prepare lang.UpdateStatisticsTest for automatic index 
statistics gen
DERBY-5025: Disable the automatic calculation of statistics when running 
DERBY-5020: remove redundant finalizer methods
DERBY-5019: quiet the ant build with 1.8.1+
DERBY-4939: Enable istat daemon and tests
DERBY-5015: Use Arrays.fill() in client/am/ResultSet.java
DERBY-4938: Implement istat scheduling/triggering
DERBY-4869: Second attempt to remove the instability in StatementTest.
DERBY-5012: bad allocation guard in ResultSet#resetUpdatedColumnsForInsert
DERBY-5009: Commit Dave Brosius' patch which fixes an error in 
normalizing the r
elease notes for publication on the website.
DERBY-4869: Make AutoloadTest aware of the new driver classes introduced 
by the
getParentLogger() work.
DERBY-4869: Uncomment the signature-matching tests on Java 7 now that 
all of the
  JDBC 4.1 methods have been added.
DERBY-4869: Load the JDBC 4.0 exception factory when initializing the 
4.0 autolo
aded driver.
DERBY-5013: remove dead allocation
DERBY-5008: fix npe in error condition
DERBY-4869: Attempt to fix problem in tinderbox tests introduced by a 
previous c
ommit today.
DERBY-4869: Always raise SQLFeatureNotSupportedException when 
NetworkTimeout() is called.
DERBY-4869: Add JDBC 4.1 getParentLogger() method to Derby's 
implementations of
Driver and CommonDataSource.
DERBY-4869: Hook up implicitly closed ResultSets to the 
ion() logic.
DERBY-4869: Add JDBC 4.1 changes to DatabaseMetaData.
DERBY-4869: Attempt to reduce instability in 
DERBY-4869: Don't bother trying to change the current schema if the old 
schema i
s the same as the new one.
DERBY-4869: Add exception-raising stubs for 
new methods introduced by JDBC 4.1.
DERBY-4985 BootLockTest can fail with ERROR XCY03: Required property 
iceProtocol' has not been set with slow configurations
DERBY-4869: Add Connection.getSchema() and setSchema() per JDBC 4.1.
DERBY-4965: Boolean to char conversion results in integer
DERBY-4983: Disable JDBC 4.1 test on phoneME.

Mike Matrigali wrote:
> Just a reminder to not put colon after your derby number in svn commits.
> This defeats the automatic mechanism that JIRA uses to make your svn
> commits show up in the JIRA history for an issue.  It really makes
> backporting fixes hard when you can't see the commits in the JIRA.
> For instance the following svn commit will not show up:
> DERBY-4711: Hung thread after another thread is interrupted
> If a thread fails while waiting for a lock, remove that thread from
> the queue.
> While the following will:
> DERBY-4711  Hung thread after another thread is interrupted
> If a thread fails while waiting for a lock, remove that thread from
> the queue.

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