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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@oracle.com>
Subject istat-related problems seen in the regression tests
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2011 17:42:43 GMT
A number of issues have turned up in the regression tests since enabling 
the automatic calculation of index statistics. Thanks to Kristian for 
his hard work on this important issue, and thanks to everyone who has 
helped investigate the problems seen in the regression tests. These are 
the issues I am aware of. Are there others?

o DERBY-5030: May be DERBY-5037 as it manifests itself on insane builds.

o DERBY-5037: Unexpected exception fielded by the istat thread during 
database shutdown. A fix for this was just committed.

o DERBY-5038: Extra locks seen in the lock table. Mike has volunteered 
to turn off istat for this test if he feels confident that this won't 
mask some real bug in istat. Mike's activity on this issue is related to 
the email thread linked from DERBY-5048.

o DERBY-5039: Another manifestation of DERBY-5038. Mike's activity 
should cover this one too.

o DERBY-5040: Problems deleting files on Windows platforms. Discussion 
continues on this issue but no-one has claimed responsibility for fixing it.

o DERBY-5045: Assertion failure in UpdateStatisticsTest. No discussion 
or responsible engineer yet.

o DERBY-5048: A placeholder for discussion about and improvements to the 
default istat settings.


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