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From Mike Matrigali <mikem_...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject question about istats thresholds
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2011 19:11:46 GMT
 From DERBY-4934 i see there are the following thresholds:
  a) derby.storage.indexStats.debug.createThreshold (100)
  b) derby.storage.indexStats.debug.absdiffThreshold (1000)
  c) derby.storage.indexStats.debug.lndiffThreshold (1.0)
  d) derby.storage.indexStats.debug.queueSize (5)

My question is that I don't understand how they are expected to 
interact.  If a table has less than 100 rows does that mean
stat will not be created even if b or c is exceeded.

I assume if d is exceeded than no stat is created no matter what
a, b, and c are.

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